The Evidence is Clear: Firms of all Sizes Can Automate Document Workflows

Solutions for Law Firms and Legal Departments

For many forward-looking firms, corporate counsel, district attorneys, public defenders, and other criminal-justice participants, it’s increasingly a case of paper non grata. Instead of wasting precious dollars duplicating piles of paper, they’re increasingly turning to newer technologies for efficiency, speed, and cost-effective solutions.

More companies, agencies, and firms — including most of the U.S. top 100 law firms — rely on Omtool AccuRoute® to streamline the capture, processing, and delivery of matter-centric, legal, and business documents. We provide the platform to collect content from various sources (hardcopy, email, fax, or even handheld devices), process it (such as converting to another format and compressing it), compose it (perhaps combining information from multiple documents), and deliver the finished product to destinations such as litigation-support systems, document-management systems, email recipients, archives, or output devices.

AccuRoute MAINSTREET for the Legal Market

Omtool now offers document capture and workflow solutions with full-featured, enterprise-class infrastructure demanded by the world’s largest firms, but packaged and priced for all MAINSTREET firms. As document capture has become a pervasive and relied upon technology, Omtool has included all its case management, litigation support, matter-centric DMS, and cost-recovery extensions into one low-priced, easy to acquire package; AccuRoute MAINSTREET for legal. Document capture is no longer a luxury afforded by only the largest firms, it is a critical technology available to the entire legal market.

AccuRoute is used by hundreds of leading firms for:

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Document-driven content can present both high costs and risks if civil or natural disaster strikes. Law firms cannot afford to lose sensitive information in client records, financial data, evidence files, employment documents, or any other critical documents. However, disasters strike without notice, sometimes resulting in lost information. Through its ability to capture, deliver, and manage mixed-mode (both paper and electronic) documents, Omtool AccuRoute provides a valuable solution to protect document-centric information and ensure it is secure and accessible in the event of a disaster. AccuRoute centralizes matter-centric documents, client information, and case activity and conveniently stores, shares, and exchanges that document-driven content while streamlining and accelerating the recovery and continuity of your firm after a disruption. Your vital archives are safe from disasters that could otherwise cripple your operation or damage your case.

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Case Information Collection and Management

Even as state and district attorney offices race to create the “paperless” office, paper will continue to be an ever-present reality for years to come. Fortunately, Omtool has solutions to help you eliminate unnecessary paper, excessive copies, and courier and storage costs by automating document-intensive processes. Omtool AccuRoute is an ideal complement to case management systems through its ability to capture and store case-related documents so they’re readily available electronically in your case management system or other destination you desire. You can continue to collect case information and add it to electronic case files. AccuRoute tracks and records each phase of delivery (including confirmations), so you have a time-stamped, server-based audit trail. Now, you can bring paper documents into the fold and know exactly where document-centric case content is.

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Closing Binder and File Room Document Assembly

Assembling a closing binder or other file room documents can be challenging for law firms and departments that have related information across a wide range of systems, filing cabinets, and offsite facilities. Too often, it means multiple applications and steps to assemble proper information—and the amount of documents associated with each binder continues to accumulate during each client’s case or service. Omtool streamlines the entire process by capturing pertinent documents upon receipt (both paper and electronic), using powerful OCR, and merging associated metadata so that documents can easily be retrieved and electronically assembled. In addition, you can easily add tables, table of contents and other valuable document components to your closing binder so that information is easy to find, view and access.

Contract Management

Contractual information often arrives via “mixed-mode” documents (containing both paper and electronic data) from different sources at different times. This not only makes it difficult for law firms to create one master contract record, but it can also lead to inaccurate information and millions of dollars of lost opportunity or significant legal ramifications. Omtool AccuRoute simultaneously distributes mixed-mode documents to multiple recipients and information systems, including contract repositories, contract management systems, case management systems, document management systems (DMS), records management systems (RMS), faxes, email, shared files, and/or network printers. You still enjoy comprehensive security and tracking functionality thanks to AccuRoute’s capture, encryption, and distribution system.

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Cost Recovery

Every ounce of work attorneys and their staff put into a client’s case must be measured and accounted for. Many law firms miss client-billing opportunities due to costs they incur during document processes and workflows. Omtool helps firms of all sizes automate document processes to eliminate unnecessary paper and processing time while also tying the cost recovery and tracking features of popular systems such as, Copitrak®, Equitrac®, and nQueue Billback with document capture, conversion, and delivery services. The result: efficient, matter-centric cost recovery that protects and adequately measures each client/matter expense for client charge-back, an important source of firm revenue.

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District Attorney Case-Related Communications

Attorney Generals and District Attorneys no longer have to waste precious dollars duplicating and searching documents, forms, transcripts, depositions, affidavits, photos, diagrams, reports, and other evidence. Omtool AccuRoute solutions can help ensure the delivery and visibility of documents to and from case management systems, such as DAMION so that you can track and confirm each phase of document communications and delivery.

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Docketing Support

Most firms have specialized software to manage the docketing and calendar. However, there is an important workflow component to consider: the need for efficient intake and handling of source documents so information is easy to distribute, access, and share – which can spell the difference between losing or winning a case. Omtool AccuRoute automates the document workflow so that information reaches attorneys and the docket system in a single, streamlined manner. AccuRoute captures critical document information and prepopulates data, eliminating duplicate efforts by the docketing clerk, secretaries, records clerks, administrative staff, and even attorneys . AccuRoute distributes the document-centric content to your document repositories (pleadings and/or discovery), the docketing clerk, and other related parties. And it’s text-searchable so it’s easy to retrieve immediately, even under the most timeliest circumstances.

Document Management

Many firms employ content management, document management, or records management software to track cases, client information, and administrative work. However, most of that information is tied to or requires actions connected to other documents. These documents are often paper-based and in a variety of formats, requiring you to enter information manually and correctly into a number of areas for each document/case.

Omtool AccuRoute provides a cost-effective, practical approach to document distribution and records management, letting you easily and efficiently integrate with a variety of systems such as HP Autonomy iManage, Microsoft® SharePoint®, OpenText eDOCS, NetDocuments®, ProLaw and World Software Worldox®. When you need to locate a physical record, you electronically identify the document within the record management system and locate the physical file. This improves the sharability of documents, strengthens team collaboration, and lowers costs.

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Electronic Court Filing (E-Filing)

More court systems are mandating electronic filings for virtually every aspect of cases in their jurisdictions. AccuRoute can make e-filing a standard distribution process, thanks to easy conversion to text-searchable PDF, PDF/a and other formats, as well as compression, document splitting, and delivery to multiple locations in multiple formats.

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Handheld Devices

Today, legal professionals are expected to stay connected with email, enterprise systems, customers, and colleagues at all times. Omtool AccuRoute makes it easy to receive, edit, and distribute documents via fax, email, or content management systems – even from your mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet). Documents previously unreadable due to incompatible or unsupported formats can now be processed by AccuRoute and converted into supported formats such as text-searchable PDF. AccuRoute also allows you to edit and update information from your handheld device by converting supported formats into editable formats such as Microsoft Word.

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Litigation Support (Civil and Criminal)

Litigation needs continue to grow, making document processes more complex. Cases entail more document-centric information from more people who need faster access to documents. This makes it difficult to control costs while remaining responsive to the needs of clients, courts, and opposing counsel. Omtool AccuRoute lets you import content into specialized systems like LexisNexis Concordance®, CT Summation, and FTI® Ringtail™ Legal. Best of all, AccuRoute streamlines operations and protects the confidentiality of these sensitive documents.

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Mailroom Automation

When it comes to the mailroom, legal clerks are tasked with sorting, classifying, copying, capturing, and distributing mail. Some mail contains time-sensitive information, which heightens the importance of getting it to recipients (sometimes multiple people).

Attorneys and case managers must then get the information into a DMS or business application, which can only add more time to the process. Omtool automates mailroom workflows and gets mail where it needs to be without unnecessary costs or wasted time. Omtool AccuRoute captures and immediately delivers postal mail in electronic format and sends it to multiple recipients – all in a single, streamlined workflow. You can even create and save predefined distributions. Mail starts as text-searchable documents/images so it’s easy to retrieve in the future and can be easily imported directly into your DMS or any other application.

Records Management

The large volume of information that legal professionals handle means firms need document process automation solutions to help eliminate unnecessary documents, printing, processing time, and associated costs. Omtool makes it easy to accurately import, index, and classify information into your records management system, and just as fast and easy to retrieve it as well. From the capture of a paper or electronic document through the profiling and conversion (scanning to text-searchable PDF) stages, to ensuring physical records can always be located, Omtool lets you manage the complete document lifecycle.

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Vendor Invoice Processing

No matter the size of the firm, it is nearly impossible to manually manage all invoices and disbursements without errors or lost productivity. Omtool AccuRoute accelerates the flow of invoices and related information through approval cycles and into standard legal financial systems. You can capture vendor invoices (by attorney or accounting department) and collect client and matter billing codes, dates, and billing categories. Then you can process the invoice and send it with a scanned image for approval. Your team spends less time on administrative detail and more time focusing on practicing successful law.

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